Century Arms WASR-10 7.62x39mm AK Rifle 16.25", Wood Stock/Black - RI1826N
Brand Century Arms
UPC 787450077676
Caliber 7.62×39mm
MSRP $1,207.99
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In the heart of the wild west, where the sun beats down on the dusty plains and the sound of gunfire echoes through the canyons, there is a weapon that stands out among the rest. The Century Arms WASR-10 7.62×39 16.5″ 30RD is a true cowboy's companion, a reliable and rugged rifle that never fails to deliver. Crafted by Century Arms, a name synonymous with quality and durability, the WASR-10 is a modern sporting rifle that pays homage to the classic AK style rifles of old. With a 16.2500 inch barrel and a 30 round magazine capacity, this rifle is ready for action in any situation. The WASR-10 features U-notch tangent sights for quick and accurate target acquisition, ensuring that you never miss your mark. The hardwood stock and handguard give the rifle a classic look, while the blued/black finish adds a touch of modernity. With a stamped receiver and a hammer forged/chrome lined barrel, the WASR-10 is built to last. The RAK-1 enhanced trigger group provides a smooth and crisp trigger pull, allowing for rapid and precise shooting. And with a weight of 7.50 lbs, this rifle is light enough to carry all day without weighing you down. Whether you're out on the range or facing down outlaws in a high noon showdown, the Century Arms WASR-10 7.62×39 16.5″ 30RD is the perfect companion for any cowboy. With its rugged construction, reliable performance, and classic design, this rifle is sure to become a legend in its own right. So saddle up, partner, and take aim with the Century Arms WASR-10.