Holosun 403B Micro Red Dot Sight 2 MOA - HS403B
Brand Holosun
UPC 760921087428
MSRP $179.99
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The Holosun HS403B 2 MOA Red Dot Reticle is a cutting-edge optic designed for precision shooting and quick target acquisition. Crafted by Holosun, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality optics, this red dot sight is a game-changer for shooters looking to enhance their accuracy and speed on the range or in the field. With a sleek black matte finish, the HS403B not only looks great but also offers exceptional durability and resistance to wear and tear. Its compact size of 3.20 x 3.65 x 4.75 inches makes it easy to mount on a variety of firearms, while its lightweight design of just 2.82 ounces ensures that it won't weigh you down during extended shooting sessions. Featuring a 2 MOA red dot reticle, the HS403B provides a crisp and clear aiming point for precise shot placement. The reticle is adjustable for brightness, allowing you to customize it to suit your shooting environment. With unlimited eye relief and parallax-free performance, this red dot sight offers a comfortable and accurate shooting experience. The HS403B is powered by a single CR2032 battery, which provides long-lasting performance and ensures that you won't be left in the lurch during a crucial moment. The battery tray is easily accessible, making it simple to replace the battery when needed. Additionally, the sight comes with both high and low mounts, allowing you to customize the height of the optic for optimal comfort and performance. Built to withstand the elements, the HS403B is IP67 waterproof rated, ensuring that it can handle rain, snow, and other harsh conditions without skipping a beat. Its multi-coated lenses provide excellent light transmission and clarity, while the black anodized finish adds an extra layer of protection against scratches and corrosion. Whether you're a competitive shooter, a tactical operator, or a recreational marksman, the Holosun HS403B 2 MOA Red Dot Reticle is a versatile and reliable optic that will take your shooting game to the next level. With its advanced features, durable construction, and exceptional performance, this red dot sight is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their shooting skills.